Audience & Objectives

My audience is Art Students with an interest in art and who may purchase later , we are also targeting professionals who may not be familiar with AI art but are looking for other options , outside of visiting an art gallery.

My objective initially was to target keywords related to “widgets” as I felt this generic option might have some “long tail” keywords I could target. I show some of the initial results below. I then research keywords related to actual “ai art” and “artificial intelligence art”. I started with some Google Trends research as a starting point.

Google Trends

Whilst Google trends doesn’t give us the specific results ( and “artificial intelligence artwork” search term searches are low ) , we can see that “artificial intelligence art” and “ai art” searches are increasing in popularity . The results presented are a “normalisation” of the data through many input points including Geographic location and time.

Targeted Research – “Artificial intelligence artwork”

KeywordAvg MonthYear ChangeCompetition
artificial intelligence artwork7201043%Low
ai generated artwork590700%Low
artificial intelligence paintings390767%Low
art ai70350%Low
ai created art40300%Low
artificial intelligence artist30300%Low
artificial intelligence art10100%Medium
ai generated painting100%Low
artificial intelligence and art10-100%Unknown
artificial painting10High
artificial intelligence in art100%Low
ai made art100%Low
ai digital art10Medium
art with ai10Medium
intelligence art10-100%Unknown
art by artificial intelligence100%Low
ai artificial intelligence art10-100%Unknown
painting made by artificial intelligence10-100%Unknown
ai art work10High
art generated by ai10Medium
ai generated art free100%Low
ai that creates art100%Unknown
art made by artificial intelligence10-100%Unknown
artificial arts100%Low
ai generated art website100%Unknown
ai generated abstract art100%High
ai created painting100%Unknown
artificial intelligence in art world00%Unknown
art artificial00%Unknown

I believe its early days in “AI” artwork , but based on search volume increase ( a 1043% increase year on year on the term itself ) , it is an ever expanding field of interest.

I chose 2 keywords to focus on based on “low” volume , growth over time and monthly searches. The keywords are essentially “long tail” and so I should have no issues garnering some visits from those searches.

KeywordMonthlyYear On Year GrowthCompetition
artificial intelligence artwork7201043%Low
ai generated artwork590700%Low