My new site will be an Ecommerce website with a small blog. It will focus on Art Students  aged 18-15 and Professionals aged 20-40. The site will be fresh , colourful and with a sense of fun, whilst demonstrating the serious AI Art.

I have several years experience with WordPress and have created some websites over the years for the purpose of “experiment” and keyword testing.

I was at my Daughters match a number of months back and spotted a pitch side advertisement for “Wallop Distribution” with “wallop.ie” as the website. I checked it out and the company and folded , with “wallop.ie” available.  

Wallop.ie was born

The domain was €7 including VAT ( Year 1 with Letshost.ie ) and my hosting is with Hetzner  ( https://www.hetzner.com/webhosting ) in Germany. I have used various hosting companies over the years and these were the best value for performance achieved.

For the purpose of this project , I decided to create a fictional website that would sell AI art and books online under the guise of “widgets” to keep this generic. The site was going to be a mixture of brochure , blog and eCommerce.

All the art will be digitally created using online AI tools.

What makes the site a little different is that I have personalised the “Wallop” character and the staff working in the Business. They are front and centre on Home Page and have their own TikTok account also. It embodies the sense of fun and “funky-ness”.

Functions of the Website

  • Kadence Theme using Gutenberg , Blog and Woocommerce eCommerce shop.
  • TikTok Feed and Auto Suggest search on Home page.
  • Accessible Content Toolbar
  • Contact Page with Google Map Embed , Contact Form with Google reCaptcha for Antispam
  • Accordion FAQ on Contact page
  • Backup Daily – Updraft Plugin , Firewall – Wordfence Plugin , Cookie Handling – Complianz Plugin
  • Performance – Jetpack Boost , W3TC for Caching , EWWW for images
  • Connectivity – Jetpack connection to Facebook and Instagram
  • Google Site Kit installed – Connectivity with GA4 , Google webmaster tools.


Kadence has many demo themes. I used a demo theme layout and customised , but took inspiration from the following websites selling AI ART. I like these because they show the serious side of AI Art.


Google Analytics will be used on the website. I will be monitoring the following:

  • Visitors and Engagment per session – We need to see that Visitors are coming to the website and interacting with Product information & content
  • User Stickness – Improved rates of Stickiness shows that the user is coming back to the website
  • Bounce Rate – This figure should start to reduce – this is a percentage of total sessions that didnt engage with the website.
  • Goals – My intention would be to create Cart related Goals to measure Visits V Purchases.